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Functional Medicine

Functional Foods & Nutritional Protocol
  • In depth detail about the exact type of foods for optimal function
  • An explanation as to why these foods are functionally the best to eat
  • A detailed protocol designed to transform you; Mind, Body, Spirit
  • 4 weeks, 4 months, 8 months & 12 month plans
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced specific protocols
Supplementation Protocol
  • Basic supplementation information
  • Detailed supplementation for athletic performance
  • Specific supplementation for cold & flu
  • In depth supplementation for specific injuries or wounds
  • Advanced specific protocol for healing “Leaky Gut”; ‘The Lion Standard’
What is ``Leaky Gut Syndrome?``

Leaky Gut Syndrome is the condition that majority of the population of the World has, especially North America.

Leaky Gut condition promotes a massive variety of symptoms, such as:

  • digestive disorders
  • allergies
  • suppressed immune system
  • unbalanced brain chemistry
  • frequent illnesses, colds & flu
  • nutrient deficiencies
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • symptoms of other illnesses & dis-eases

Allow me to help you in healing this condition through the different modalities I work with.

Healing The Leaky Gut
  • Advanced gut healing specific supplementation protocol
  • Advanced gut healing specific foods, herbs and recipes
  • Specifics of Ketosis style nutrition plan

Functional Medicine is the ultimate way to distinguish the root cause of all dis-ease, illness and negative polarity in one’s Mind, Body and Spirit. Using science based, evidence backed systems to create a symbiotic harmony in the individual Being.

Functional Medicine is a relatively new type of alternative medicine designed to prevent, improve and maintain the individual’s optimal health.

I work closely with my good friend, Mentor and Doctor, who is a Functional Medicine Doctor with a PhD in Clinical Nutrition. Working with top level athletes and clients with a variety of illnesses, his protocol is very effective for prevention and healing.
I am fortunate and grateful to be able to learn his protocol, practice and live it myself, and while helping others in achieving their optimal health using his special protocol.

In terms of Functional Medicine this is what I can do for you…

Functional Fitness

Strength Training
  • Learn how to build solid dense muscle using functional compound movements
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced plans
  • Barbell specific workout routines
  • Variety of plans/workouts to target individuals exact style of training
  • In depth information about the variety of cardio activities
  • Specialize a plan for the individual’s goals
  • How to implement cardio routines
  • Explain the proper way to run
Primal Movements
  • Identify specific movements
  • Incorporating primal movements in every day life
  • Having fun being Primal
  • Primal movements in the gym
  • Primal movements in nature
Yoga & Stretching
  • Specific stretches and their purposes
  • Stretching routines and implementation
  • Fascia stretching and spot recovery
  • Yoga poses and routines

Functional Fitness in my opinion, is defined as: movements, actions, physical exertion and activities designed to move in flow with the body, while improving all aspects of the physical body.

There are plenty of ways we can incorporate functional fitness into our lives.

Allow me to show you what I offer…



Metaphysics deals with concepts that go beyond just the five sense, or goes further than the five senses. Metaphysics is the art form of the Universe and its creation through dynamic and static forces unbeknown and known.

Understanding these forces and laws of the Universe is crucial in order to live in flow with Source while in physical form on this plane.


A daily practice of Meditation is extremely important in our being’s life. It plays a pivotal role in self reflection, awakening the sixth sense, enhancing intuitive abilities and more.

Meditation can be done in a variety of ways, done through a variety of methods. It’s also about ones perception of meditation and how they feel they are best received by it.

I will help you to discover your best method of meditation and from there help you unlock abilities only your Higher Self knows you have.

Nature & Shamanism

The importance of Nature is vital to our existence and its. It would be ideal for any being to understand the concepts of nature, how to flow with and in nature and realize its place in the individuals heart.

Shamanism is exactly that which develops, learns and improves with and within nature. Shamans are basically Nature’s vessel of choice to voice its lessons, its knowledge and power.

Let us get back into Nature shall we…

Spirituality is hard to define due to its vastness and its subject’s expansiveness.

In my opinion it deals greatly with being fully authentic in your being. WE are ALL spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience, in a material human body; for the purpose of our being’s evolution and journey back to Source.

What we do here on this Earth Plane effects us greatly in terms of our Soulful purpose and all that is, is. Simple really.

I use a variety of methods to experience my own journey and evolution in my life. Here are the more major aspects I can help you with.

Packaged Protocols

Total Packages


The consultation is a very important step. It opens both you and I to one another in a way that we can enable YOU to flow freely. I offer a FREE consultation as well as a paid second consultation.

Free Consultation consists of:

  • 33 minute one on one Skype call
  • Assess overall mindset, physical body, and spiritual matter
  • Overview of what will be needed in order for me to assist you further
  • A questionnaire to further offer assessment 
Second Consultation

The Second Consultation consists of:

  • 66 minute Skype call
  • Overview of results from first consultation
  • Feedback and in-depth information on results and what is needed
  • Recommended protocols based on results and a discussion as to what client is looking for
  • Plan of action including goals, desires and actions to take for present and future
  • The WHY and HOW of what is to take place
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The Initiate

The Initiate, is a 1 month protocol based off the results from the initial Free consultation.

What is included in The Initiate Protocol is:

  • FREE 44 minute Skype Consultation
  • Basic Nutrition Plan designed for 11 days (to be repeated)
  • Basic Supplementation Plan
  • General foods list; maximize your food shopping
  • Beginner/Intermediate Functional Fitness plan; 2 week routine
  • 1 Skype Sessions/Google Hangouts
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The Transitional

The Transitional, is a 4 month protocol designed to take the individual to new heights. This protocol begins to open the client up to methods for the optimal functioning of Mind, Body, Soul. 

The Transitional Protocol includes:

  • FREE 66 minute Skype consultation
  • Progressive Nutrition Plan designed for 4 weeks (to be repeated/changed)
  • Progressive Supplementation Plan – designed for specific needs
  • General Foods guideline; maximize efficient shopping
  • Intermediate/Advanced Functional Fitness plan; 4 weeks
  • Introduction and guidance for creating effective Self Development routine; including many techniques and methods.
  • Four 55 minute Skype sessions
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The Primus

The Primus Protocol is about bringing it all together.

The is the most advanced protocol in the Lion Heart Living foundation, however it does not end here. Rather, this is actually the beginning of a life of abundance, prosperity, manifestation, mental alchemy, optimal Mind, Body and Soul.

The Primus Protocol is designed for 12 months; it includes:

  • FREE 66 minute Skype consultation
  • Progressive Nutritional Plan designed for 12 months; includes revisions
  • Advanced progressive “Gut Healing Protocol” custom designed for specific needs
  • Athletic Performance Supplementation Plan
  • General foods guideline; maximize efficient shopping
  • Custom Functional Fitness plan; designed for 12 months
  • Introduction and guidance into effective Self Development habits
  • Lifestyle Routine Assessment
  • Specific meditation routines to use
  • Twenty Two 55 minute Skype sessions
  • Personal Communication Line for guidance and Q&A
  • Free eBook: Mental Factor Become Your Own Master
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