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Civil Engineer

i mostly work with people, permits, ponds & pipes

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there are many bosses, but few leaders

my path to becoming an engineer

was an avid runner/tennis player in high school who wanted to play tennis in college

got accepted into a program and worked for NASA for a summer

in the summer worked in the Philippines as part of the Global Justice Volunteers focusing on human trafficking survivors

bc of robotics, I began to get interested in engineering

bc I couldn't run, I joined the debate and robotic teams in high school 

dislocated my knee during a race

had a rough first yr. of college, dislocated my knee for the fifth time and had my second surgery



spent the following summer working in Costa Rica for Agua Viva Serves - met Grace

got hired by a firm to work in Vero Beach - the same place one of the interns, Grace, I met in Costa Rica was from

graduated from UVA

next summer got accepted to work for the Naval Surface Warfare Center

started at UVA for eng.


then, the next summer worked for the Naval Research Lab in D.C.

moved to FL... and yes, I moved all my things, including my Prius and myself, on the train

worked at two different firms, before my current one

along the way, got married and had our son

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in greater detail

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work at a great firm and get to bring my son to work

Clock and Plant

Everyone is a genius.

But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

— Albert Einstein

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