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About — Lion Heart Living
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Why Lion Heart Living

Lion Heart Living is a way back to Source, per say. A way back to achieving the infinite, immense power all of us have inside.

There are initially 3 pillars to self empowerment, paired with a simple LION acronym, that can help with an adjustment of attitude in how you see life.

LION – Love, Inspire, Optimize, Nurture
3 Pillars – Functional Medicine, Functional Fitness, Spirituality

Combined, these 4 concepts will allow any individual to take full responsibility for their life and regain the power that they deserve and know, to have.


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Love & Inspire

The first two letters of the L.I.O.N acronym represent Love & Inspire.

Love is the most powerful of all emotions and feelings. Love has an immense capability to hinder or excel a person to the highest degree. Obviously, this is about self-empowerment, so we want to use Love for the highest degree of positivity and power.

In order to experience Love at the highest degree, we first must look to loving ourselves unconditionally. This is a tough process for almost everyone, if not all, but it must be looked at and sought to be done. Only then, will you allow others to love you truly and be able to love others unconditionally.

Inspire, aka Living In Spirit, is the way of the light, the God Force. Always living in spirit allows one to be a lighthouse in the darkness amongst the places we move through. Inspiration causes massive action, and that action should be again, towards positive polarity. To be inspired by such things is great for the individual, to be able to inspire others, is a powerful position to be in.

Optimize & Nurture

The last two letters of the L.I.O.N acronym represent Optimize & Nurture.

Optimize is about creating positive solutions and situations for improving your present status. Working toward goals and desires within the boarders and circumstances that you find yourself in. We all have infinite possibilities around us. First, it takes eyes to see, then actions to see it through.

Nurture is the last of the four letters. This is the final, not definitive destination. This is all about taking care of yourself first, than those around you. It’s about caring for yourself and creating an environment around you for the most growth you can give unto yourself.

As we aim for total freedom and self empowerment, we must take responsibility for who we are, where we find ourselves, and create a path of growth towards what we deem success and to fulfill our spiritual evolution.

Allow yourself to expand and grow…to grow beyond anything you’ve thought possible.

The face of Lion Heart Living: Spencer Dearing

Spencer is a young, up and developing; Self Empowerment Coach, Functional Medicine Aficionado, and Wellness Expert. Specializing in Alternative Medicine, Functional Fitness and Spirituality. He offers philosophical concepts of truth while maintaining a humorous perspective, helping people to evolve and grow at their own pace.


Dr. Nandor Bajusz

Spencer Dearing has been my Understudy for the past 2 years. He is an excellent student, full of passion, strong commitment and a deep desire to help others achieve optimal health. Not only has Spencer dedicated himself to learning as much as he can via my teachings, but he is also a zealous researcher, spending countless hours fact finding on Pub Med. In addition, Spencer is a fitness fanatic and as such, is also an avid disciple of Functional Fitness. Combining Functional Medicine and Functional Fitness, is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Spencer's thirst for knowledge, is only second to his focused application of this information to his own daily routine. Watch Spencer in the years to come, as he continues to excel in the Functional Medicine and Functional Fitness community, as an outstanding clinician.


Spencer Dearing has been a wonderful help and shares a plethora of knowledge when it comes to "prescribe" or recommend the proper supplements to take. He asked me detailed questions about my daily life, sleep patterns, eating habits, exercise, etc...then determined options starting with a priority list of supplements importance. He also advised me to check the ingredients on the selected supplements prescribed and notified me of which ones to avoid. Example: "some calcium can be made of limestone which can cause calcium buildup in the arteries." Thank you Spencer for your efforts in helping to guide me on a path to healthier living. I feel better than ever!


After months of failing at working out, eating healthily and having a balanced state of mind I turned to Lion Heart Living. It was the best decision I have made in a very long time. Spencer has been extremely supportive and has provided me with high quality supplements but also incredible knowledge to help me on my journey to a holistic lifestyle. He understood that it wasn't enough for me to eat "healthy". He knew that in order to find a true solution I would need an inner and outer lifestyle change and boy did he deliver! It has been 3 months since I began working with Spencer and I have loved it every step of the way! He has provided me with amazing nutritional and supplement protocols as well as empowering me to grow as a spiritual entity. Lion Heart Living has opened my mind, body and inner being to be courageous enough to take intellectual and spiritual steps to make long term changes. These changes have enabled me to be the best life partner, mother and human being that I can be! Thank you Spencer!